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Public Appearances & Seminars by Jon Gutmacher


*Please check my blog for any upcoming appearances.

Mr. Gutmacher is available for public appearances and seminars.  Fees vary depending on the presentation, distance, and who it is for. Law enforcement presentations are normally free other than travel expenses. All fees and expenses must be prepaid not less than thirty (30) days prior to the event, or Mr. Gutmacher has the absolute right to cancel his appearance at any time without any liability, whatsoever. Fees are not refundable if a cancellation on the agreed date is due to the sponsor, however, in cases where the cancellation is made by the sponsor prior to Mr. Gutmacher beginning travel to the venue, he will reschedule a single other date with the sponsor, at no additional cost, within a period of one year, mutually convenient.  The following agreement pertains to all presentations and appearances:

General Terms of Agreement

Any presentation is a contract solely between Mr. Gutmacher and the sponsor.  Mr. Gutmacher’s normal fee for a two hour seminar is fifteen hundred dollars, plus any travel expenses beyond an hour driving time, and the exclusive right to sell his book at such event.  Prices may vary, and are negotiable.  However, all presentations are owned and copyrighted by Mr.  Gutmacher, and no portion of such can be recorded or used or disseminated by any person or entity without his specific written permission.  Mr.  Gutmacher will answer questions from the audience after the presentation, and will also sell and autograph books at that time.  The sponsor agrees that not less than one hour in the area of presentation shall be allotted for this purpose, unless there is a specific written agreement varying this condition signed by Mr.  Gutmacher.   Liquidated damages for a failure to so provide are five hundred dollars.

All presentations require the sponsor to supply audio/visual equipment sufficient for the presentation, and a podium, table, and chair for Mr. Gutmacher’s use. Since the presentation includes  PowerPoint, a screen, speakers, microphone, and Windows 7 computer (the PowerPoint is on a flash drive) with mouse need to be supplied, and in good working order.

Shorter presentations:

Shorter presentations where multiple speakers are presenting is normally limited to one hour, and are normally charged at the rate of five hundred dollars, plus travel expenses. All other of the “General Terms” previously set forth are also included in any such presentation, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, and signed by Mr.  Gutmacher. 

Cancellations & reschedules:

Although the fee is not refundable due to a cancellation by the sponsor, if a presentation must be reset due to good cause,  Mr. Gutmacher will work with the sponsor for a one time reschedule within a period of one year at no additional charge unless the event was cancelled by the sponsor after Mr. Gutmacher had already began travel to the event.  If the cancellation occurs after Mr.  Gutmacher is in transit then the fee and expenses shall be considered as earned, and no return of any funds is required, nor shall Mr.  Gutmacher be obligated to reschedule. If the cancellation is due to Mr. Gutmacher, then the only liability to him is the return of any prepaid fee and expenses. 

Breach of conditions or other issues:

In case either party brings a cause of action or other form of relief due to a breach of the conditions of these terms, or for any other reason, it is agreed that venue for any such action or relief is in Brevard County, Florida. 

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