Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq.

Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

Former Prosecutor & Police Legal Advisor,

Author: "Florida Firearms -- Law, Use & Ownership",

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor,

NRA Referral Attorney.

JON H. GUTMACHER, P.A.: Orlando Criminal Trial Attorney Services

Consultations & Confidential Reviews

When it comes to criminal charges involving firearms, weapons, or self defense – it is often a very good idea to have additional unbiased advice on what to do; advising whether it appears your attorney is covering all the right areas; or just having a second opinion on a potential plea or strategy. This is normally done on a confidential basis solely with the client or close family members – although on occasion – Mr. Gutmacher will work with your current attorney if both you, and the attorney are agreeable to such advice.

Likewise, when an individual is arrested on a self-defense charge – it is often critical to get immediate advise on what to do, what evidence to gather, and how to handle the press and other matters. Mr. Gutmacher will handle such matters anywhere in the State of Florida – as this normally involves pure advice, and does not involve travel. He will also coordinate with your investigator, if you so desire.

Our minimum, non-refundable fee for reviewing a file, and/or giving advice is fifteen hundred dollars. That entitles you to up to six hours of his time. [$250.00 per hour] Expenses are additional. Obviously, more complicated matters will take more time, and cost more.

However, our agreements are that the client sets and pays for a specific amount of attorney time – with the understanding that if more time is required – additional fees will be charged only after the client approves and agrees to such. Where Mr. Gutmacher is asked to review depositions and police reports – the normal amount of time involved is rarely less than ten to fifteen hours. Since Mr. Gutmacher was a former prosecutor, police legal advisor, is a leading author in the self defense field, an NRA certified firearms instructor, and experienced criminal defense attorney – we believe he brings a unique perspective and insight to this particular area of law. He has assisted individuals in this confidential capacity in everything from self defense homicide cases, to airport arrests, and concealed weapon violations.

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